How you can help

We dont have any regular sponsors or stable financial income source: all costs for dogs rescue, medical care, transportation, food etc. are being met by our activists individually and voluntarily, which is a heavy burden for each of us. We are constantly in need of financial support, dog food and other pet items.

Cash donations

Donated funds are used ONLY for animal care and welfare. You can make cash donations by contacting the email below: (Natalia Korhonen) (Anja Shpakovskaya)

Gift-in-kind items

We seek the following donations:

Part-time van for dogs transportation
Veterinary medicines
Pet food (cat/dog, puppy, kitten food)
Cat litter
Cat scratch posts & building of scratch
Food bowls/litter trays/scoopers
Animal beds/bedding
Pet toys
Beddings (sheets, blankets, covers)

Provide a temporary home for a dog/puppy

Foster a dog/puppy

Adopt a dog/puppy