Special Cases

1. Sharlotta (AN)
(Added: 27.01.2010)

Sharlotta was pregnant when we rescued her on Jan 23. She is an adult aprox. 3 year old cat with short and thick yellow hair. Very tender and is used to be around people. After she gives birth to her babies, we plan to sterilize her and try to find new home for her and her future kittens.
A pregnant stray cat is a new and rather hard challenge for our team, but we are sure with the help of our friends and supporters we'll be able to help Sharlotta!

On February 04, 2010 Sharlotta gave birth to 6 gorgeous kittens - 3 girls (Ada, Agatta and Kristina) and 3 boys (Arman, Kobi and Bruno). She is a very happy Mom and is grateful for the good food and warm place to sleep. And we'll have a lot of work to do to find new homes for the babies.

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