Always remembered

We would like to devote this section to those kittens, cats and dogs we couldnt help.

They once became the lucky members of our Stray Team, but unfortunately because of either accidents or bad illnesses were not able to make it to happy ending in a new family.

We would like to share their sad stories to remember them, as they will always encourage us to work harder and help as many strays in need as we can.


We met Mashanja in our first year in Shanghai in 2001. At the time she was a couple of months old and lived near our dormitory on the university campus. Many students fed her and she enjoyed her free stray life. The problems started when she turned 6 months and began looking for male cat. We reacted immediately and shortly managed to raise money for spaying operation.

Mashanja was sterilized and never gave birth to kittens.

We adopted Mashanja when we moved out of campus.

We always allowed Mashanja to play outside at our small yard. She was used to it and could not live without fresh air and good evening walk. However, one day she never came back. Although we tried everything to find her, although she had a micro tag with a registered number, but unfortunately nothing helped and we never saw Mashanja again.

From this experience we learned that in a big city the only safe place for your pet is at home. We now never let out cats go outside and pay great attention to the windows at home.

Mashanja had lived with us for 7 years and we will always remember her.

Polina, Dasha, Lucky and Leo an abandoned litter of four

This March we received a call from our friend telling us that she rescued 4 just born kittens and could not take care of them. We knew how difficult it is to nurse newborns, but agreed to take them and see if they can survive during the first weeks.

Four little babies were left outside in a plastic bag with no water or any blanket to warm their tiny bodies. We dont know how they survived on that cold rainy day.

After 2 weeks they became a little stronger and we even started looking for new homes for them in future. We were very confident they would live.

However, unfortunately, one evening they suddenly lost appetite and then became very weak. In short 3 hours Polina, Dasha and Lucky died one after another from unknown virus. Leo survived for another week. We did everything we possibly could to make him live, but on one day he just stopped breathing and we could do nothing to help him.

It was very hard for us to realize that all four babies were gone.

We know that many newborn kittens die without mothers care, but its particularly hard and painful when they die in your hands.

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