This section of the site is devoted to the animal aid in Shanghai, China.

I moved to Shanghai 9 years ago as a university student. During these years I and my teammates, animal protection activists like me, have been trying to make our contribution to the salvation of a serious problem of stray animals in Shanghai, carrying on this good tradition of helping homeless animals, that my parents passed to me.

We are very delighted to share the stories of Shanghai kittens and cats we managed to rescue.

You will also find information of a number of kittens who are ready for adoption and are looking for a new loving home here in Shanghai.

We place our hope on people who are not indifferent to the homeless animals.

We believe that no matter where you are and what you do, it's our responsibility as human beings to help those suffering from human cruelty, irresponsibility and indifference.

Anna Shpakovskaya
Nagato Sakihara
Jennifer Feng
Shanghai, 2009

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